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God's Provision

I've been struggling lately with the whole concept of God's provision and how He promises to be faithful and provide for our needs. It seems that often I have the perspective that He only provides for our needs. The "bare minimum" that we need in order to get by. While, I know if I look at the history of how He has worked in our lives, that this is not true, that feeling tends to be rather persistant.

For example, Carolanne and I have been talking a lot recently about how we really need to get her a newer car. Right now she drives a rather old Mazda 323 which is slowly falling apart. While, it's not yet a critical need, it is becoming more so as time goes on. It would be really nice to be able to get a newer car, something that will last and be reliable so that's the need. At the same time I find myself looking at new cars and thinking "wow, it would be really great to have one of those" and at the same time second guessing myself and thinking "but God would never give us one because we don't need anything flashy or really nice. Just need the basics." Essentially the idea that if we want anything more than the bare minimum, we're going to have to do it ourselves, rather than rely on God.

And yet, even in our recent history as a couple, we know that this is NOT the case. God has provided so many more blessings than we "needed". In looking for a house, He didn't just provide the basics, He gave us a GREAT place (even when we were sure that we wouldn't get it) and not only that, but He allowed it to be a place which accepts pets (not very common) which is something Carolanne really wanted. We wanted to get a dog but couldn't have one at the place we were renting, and didn't think we'd find a condo which would allow them.

So I know that He is faithful, and not just with our needs and bare essentials, but with our wants too, and yet the feeling still nags there. I know that it's a discouragement from the evil one, but it certainly is difficult to break.

Published Mon, Aug 8, 2005 in: information
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