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Live Chat Launched!

I'm excited to tell you about a really cool story that happened just today!
Published 2023-05-26

Are We Changing Lives For Eternity?

I cannot help wondering sometimes if our work is really making a difference. Are we bringing hope to the hopeless? Are we making a difference in people's lives for eternity?
Published 2023-05-01

Global Daily - April 2023

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support of us. We are very blessed to have friends and donors who continue to surround us and this ministry in prayer. As you may know, much of my practical day-to-day activity is writing the back-end code that runs our various software platforms and outreach sites. Right now I'm exploring how we might build a live-chat system where our visitors would be able to...
Published 2023-03-14

Global Daily - March 2023

Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer throughout this past year. Your partnership with us through financial support and prayer is a great encouragement and allows us to continue in this ministry. I thought you might be encouraged to hear how God has been using your gifts.
Published 2023-02-14

Power to Change Has Moved

This is just a quick note today to let you know that the Power to Change head office location has officially moved from Langley to Abbotsford. If you have been sending donations by mail, please be sure to update your address book.
Published 2023-01-30

A Muslim Finds Truth

Salima’s life of privilege and wealth came crashing down when her husband was sent to prison for fraud. It wasn’t until several years later that her life changed for the better.
Published 2022-11-21

We've Moved!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying for us in our move! We have a new home! We are SO thankful for this new place. We have been here a week as of yesterday (Wednesday) and so far we love it! Though the journey has been rocky and super stressful at times we’re thrilled to be finally through and officially moved in.
Published 2022-09-08

Prayer Update

We are excited and encouraged to tell you that it looks like we have found a place to live! Thank you for praying! We have made an offer on a house for sale in Quesnel and it has been accepted.
Published 2022-08-05

Special Prayer Request

Please pray with us that we can find a new place to live by Aug. 30. We have lived in our Chilliwack townhouse for 15 years now and with the kids growing up it is beginning to feel pretty small.
Published 2022-07-29

Stories From The Field

As I write this to you, hundreds of Ukrainians are displaced and fleeing for their lives. At the same time, millions of Christians around the world are praying for peace, repentance, protection, and deliverance from evil.
Published 2022-02-25

2021 Report

This is an info-graphic showing a quick synopsis of what God did through our ministry in 2021.
Published 2022-01-07

Sept. 2020 Update

Dear Friends, What a crazy summer it has been! I know I and my family are definitely ready for life to go back to some semblance of normal. I'm sure you are too. Seems like every month brings new calamities. As I write this today, our skies here in Chilliwack are grey with wildfire smoke, and at times the air has an acrid taste. Just this week a train derailed nearby, and a large pier...
Published 2020-09-15

Hope In Troubled Times

I hope you are well. I know these are stressful and difficult times, but I wanted to encourage you with the words of Jesus from the gospel of John.
Published 2020-06-16

A Ministry Opportunity

As an Internet ministry, this unusual time of isolation presents us with a tremendous opportunity to share and help people who are turning to the Internet to look for answers and support.
Published 2020-03-24

2019 Wrap Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We feel very blessed to have you on our team! Thank you for your prayer and support of us in this ministry over the years. We are so glad to have you standing with us in this ministry. Read more to find our full End of Year letter for download.
Published 2019-12-30
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