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Mentoring in Santiago, Chile

Watch this amazing story of how a person in Mexico was able to be connected with a mentor in Chile using the tools we have helped to create.
Published 2023-11-01

Live Chat Launched!

I'm excited to tell you about a really cool story that happened just today!
Published 2023-05-26

Are We Changing Lives For Eternity?

I cannot help wondering sometimes if our work is really making a difference. Are we bringing hope to the hopeless? Are we making a difference in people's lives for eternity?
Published 2023-05-01

Global Daily - April 2023

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support of us. We are very blessed to have friends and donors who continue to surround us and this ministry in prayer. As you may know, much of my practical day-to-day activity is writing the back-end code that runs our various software platforms and outreach sites. Right now I'm exploring how we might build a live-chat system where our visitors would be able to...
Published 2023-03-14

Global Daily Nov. 2022

Thank you for continuing to pray for and support our family in our work with Power to Change. These past few months James has been working quite a lot with several of our overseas partnerships including China and Poland. Please pray for open doors in both of these countries as teams on the ground are seeking to build evangelistic online ministries through a variety of strategies. At P2C::Digital Strategies we continue to develop the online...
Published 2022-10-14

Stories From The Field

As I write this to you, hundreds of Ukrainians are displaced and fleeing for their lives. At the same time, millions of Christians around the world are praying for peace, repentance, protection, and deliverance from evil.
Published 2022-02-25

A Ministry Opportunity

As an Internet ministry, this unusual time of isolation presents us with a tremendous opportunity to share and help people who are turning to the Internet to look for answers and support.
Published 2020-03-24

Texting for Christ - Sept 2019 Ministry Update

James shares about the new text message mentoring and a story of how a Hindu woman in India came to Christ.
Published 2019-09-27

Branching Into New Countries

We are in the process of building several new partnerships with teams on the ground in places like Indonesia, Liberia, New Caledonia, Jordan and Singapore. Teams in many of these places are joining with us to build evangelism and mentoring strategies to reach their own people.
Published 2019-04-09

It's Good To Be Appreciated

"I used the mentor program at a very dark time in my life and it really helped to see my way back to Christ. Thank you, I had you when I had nothing else."
Published 2017-10-26

God Jams a Gun

I just wanted someone to know and understand how bad it has gotten for me. When I sent the last message to you, I was done and was going to end it.
Published 2017-04-04

Global Daily March 2017

Dear Friends, My focus the past few months has been to improve our online mentoring software. This allows our mentors to be more effective in communicating with the hurting people who come to us for help. One such person wrote to us very recently in response to the help she had found through our online mentoring after a suicide attempt and painful relationship breakup: "After talking with one of your team members I've managed to...
Published 2017-03-16

Global Daily - Feb. 2017

Dear CHC Friends and Supporters, Thank you very much for your ongoing prayer and support of us in our ministry with Power to Change. We are very grateful to have the missions team and congregation standing with us so faithfully in this work. Every month hundreds of people around the world are led to know Jesus personally. This happens through our sites and through conversations with our online mentors and staff. It is amazing to...
Published 2017-01-24

Priscilla - A Mentor's Story

The following video shares the story of Priscilla who is a faithful mentor with The Life Project. What an amazing story of service and care from her heart. This is one of the many reasons why I love being a part of this ministry.
Published 2016-07-26

A Cool Story

This Tuesday morning I heard a great story from one of our staff mentors who discovered a Facebook message that had come in a month ago asking for prayer and was unanswered. She responded, apologized to the visitor for the delay and also shared the gospel with them using one of the pre-written templates that we provide to our mentors. The template suggests the following prayer that the visitor is invited to pray in order...
Published 2016-07-12
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