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Make A Difference For Eternity

Every day there are lost people searching the Internet for answers to the meaning of life. From all walks of life and many different cultures, people are looking for truth.

How would you like to be a part of helping them to find it?

By joining our team, you will be helping us reach these lost people with God's great gift of life.  Now THAT's making an eternal difference!

I, James, serve the Lord by helping people find Jesus. I work with a ministry called P2C::Digital Strategies using the Internet to share the gospel online. Every day our ministry receives hundreds of messages and emails asking for help and prayer.

“i need the blessing from you.! can u lead me a proper way please” - from one of our websites

Yes we can! That's what our team does! The core purpose of P2C::Digital Strategies is to share with people how they can walk in "a proper way". Our mission statement reads "The world is online. We help them know Jesus." I feel so blessed to be part of a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who do that every day.

Ways that you can help:

  1. Give a financial gift. We need both one-time gifts as well as monthly partners. Give through the secure form on our ministry's site. Read more about giving to our ministry here.
  2. Pray for us.  Our desire is to serve God to the best of our abilities and we need His wisdom and guidance to know how best to do that. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on how you can pray for us.
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter. We would love to keep in touch. You can do that here.
  4. LIKE and share. Whether it's our facebook page or this article, the more people who know about our ministry the better.
  5. Mentor! Why not consider joining our mentoring program? You can learn more at https://tmm.io/
  6. Join our ministry. Learn more about possible roles we're looking for here.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. We look forward to having you a part of our team. Read more about helping us here: /help-us-keep-ministering/

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