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Global Daily Dec. 2022

Our family has been slowly adjusting to our new life since moving up to Quesnel at the end of August. We love it here so far, especially the slower pace and quieter neighborhood. Winter hit early though...
Published 2022-12-01

The Recent Prayer Letter

Thank you for taking the time to take a look through our recent letter. We hope you like the family picture prayer card that was included. Getting kids to sit still and not make faces for a brief second to get a good picture is surprisingly hard! ?
Published 2017-12-12

Global Daily September

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers these past few months.  Life around TruthMedia has been pretty crazy lately due to some fairly significant reorganizing of how we function as a team. We are continuing to build our mentoring ministry and have formed some pretty amazing partnerships with people who have a similar passion to our own.  The partnership with JesusDaily on facebook is one of those and provides a tremendous opportunity...
Published 2013-08-28

Global Daily for June

Question: Let us know about your activities, ministries, home assignment activities etc. for this summer. Answer: The nature of our ministry doesn't really change much with regard to the various seasons of the year. We do see somewhat smaller numbers at times during the summer, as people are often taking vacations and generally getting offline. We also often bring in a few summer interns to help them gain experience in web based ministry. During this...
Published 2012-06-26

Global Daily for CHC

Every month, I'm asked to write an entry for the Global Daily for Central Heights Church.  This is my entry from October (published November).  We are asked to respond to specific questions, and the one for this month was "Tell us about a Scripture book or passage that is especially meaningful to you." I (James) think my favourite parts of the Bible are those highlighted in red text.  I love reading and learning about what...
Published 2011-11-01

Global Daily

What are the major hurdles, from your perspective, that will need God's divine enabling and overcoming in order for you to reach your ministry objectives? What are these objectives? Our position within the Power to Change ministry is actually a fairly unique one.  What I mean is that as missionaries on the Internet, we are not working in a traditional missionary type of environment.  We are not somewhere far off overseas serving the Lord in...
Published 2011-09-20

August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends, Thank you all very much for your ongoing prayer and support of us over these past few months.  It's hard to believe we're already a good way through summer.  (probably because we've had so little sunshine)  :)  I wanted to say an especially big thank you to all of you who have responded recently to our fund raising requests by joining our team, increasing your giving and giving additional special gifts. ...
Published 2011-08-02

Sharing Prayer

It has been an exciting few months here in TruthMedia. Now that the majority of our work has been finished on the Power to Change supersite, we have had the opportunity to branch out into a few other projects that were waiting on the back-burners. One of these, was to try and build a facebook app that would let people send in prayer requests. Power to Change and TruthMedia’s new “Need Prayer?” Facebook app helps...
Published 2011-03-11

Raising $1000 per Month by June

Many of you may have heard about our recent push to raise $1000 by June, but for those of you who haven't, I thought I'd post an update on what this is all about. We have been asked by Power to Change to raise an additional $1000 in monthly support by June 2011. This is not because we're suddenly going to be paid more, but rather due to cut-backs in P2C's covering of our existing...
Published 2011-01-26

Quick Ministry Update

Dear Friends, As many of you know we have been delving more and more into the realm of producing and using evangelistic video content on the websites. To that end we have developed a number of video "channels" aimed at reaching a variety of demographics. As an example, one of the channels we're developing is a "Family" channel in which we show an assortment of videos designed to help families and marriages. The channel covers...
Published 2010-12-20

2010 End of Year Update

We recently mailed out an end-of-year ministry update for 2010. We tried to get everyone we could think of who could possibly be interested in receiving an update about us, but if for some reason you were missed, we are putting it up here on the ministry site for you to read. You can download it in PDF format here. One of our big needs right now that we mentioned in the letter is for...
Published 2010-11-17
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