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Global Daily - April 2023

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support of us. We are very blessed to have friends and donors who continue to surround us and this ministry in prayer. As you may know, much of my practical day-to-day activity is writing the back-end code that runs our various software platforms and outreach sites. Right now I'm exploring how we might build a live-chat system where our visitors would be able to...
Published 2023-03-14

Global Daily - March 2023

Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer throughout this past year. Your partnership with us through financial support and prayer is a great encouragement and allows us to continue in this ministry. I thought you might be encouraged to hear how God has been using your gifts.
Published 2023-02-14

Global Daily Dec. 2022

Our family has been slowly adjusting to our new life since moving up to Quesnel at the end of August. We love it here so far, especially the slower pace and quieter neighborhood. Winter hit early though...
Published 2022-12-01

Prayer Update

We are excited and encouraged to tell you that it looks like we have found a place to live! Thank you for praying! We have made an offer on a house for sale in Quesnel and it has been accepted.
Published 2022-08-05

Special Prayer Request

Please pray with us that we can find a new place to live by Aug. 30. We have lived in our Chilliwack townhouse for 15 years now and with the kids growing up it is beginning to feel pretty small.
Published 2022-07-29

Global Daily Mar. 2022

Dear Friends. Thank you for continuing to pray for us. Here are some special requests you could pray for this month. Please pray for our online mentors who serve as the front-line in our ministry. They continually receive messages from people around the world looking for advice, help and hope. Pray for more "technically inclined" people to join our team. There are many opportunities to serve God in this digital space. Pray for our ministry...
Published 2022-03-01

Global Daily Feb. 2022

In 2021 our ministry saw over 79,000 people get connected to an online mentor. Please pray that God would continue to use our efforts for His own glory and that He would make us even more effective in reaching the lost.
Published 2022-02-01

Global Daily January 2022

Life this past year has definitely been turbulent with fires in the summer, flooding in the fall, new Covid strains, VaxPasses and lockdowns. Thank you for remembering to pray for our family and this ministry in the midst of all the noise.
Published 2022-01-01

Global Daily October 2021

We are so grateful that the Lord continues to work in magnificent ways and, oftentimes, in ways we cannot see.
Published 2021-10-01

Global Daily August 2021

Thank you so much for your prayer for us and for your generous gifts toward the ministry. We continue to develop partnerships and strategies reaching countries around the world. Some more recent languages we are reaching include Thai, Chinese and Czech.
Published 2021-07-14

Global Daily July 2021

Thank you for your ongoing prayer and support for our family and ministry. We appreciate it more than we can say. The Digital Strategies ministry continues to grow and expand.
Published 2021-07-01

Global Daily - Dec. 2020

Thank you for your continued prayer for our family and ministry during this strange, complicated time. Our team has been really busy working to start up the mentoring ministry in Slovakia, Turkey, Latin America and some other closed countries we cannot discuss. Please pray for our ministry that the Lord will raise up more laborers to His harvest field. We have some staff (including from my Technical team) who are leaving. Please pray that God...
Published 2020-11-20

Global Daily - July/August 2020

Thank you again for your continued prayer and support of us in the ministry during this time. This is a complicated season for many, us included. Yet during this time we get to be a crucial part of the greater vision: To help people know Jesus!
Published 2020-07-20

A Ministry Opportunity

As an Internet ministry, this unusual time of isolation presents us with a tremendous opportunity to share and help people who are turning to the Internet to look for answers and support.
Published 2020-03-24

Global Daily - Aug. 2019

These past several months I feel that God has been teaching me to continue to rely on him for our family needs and that He doesn't necessarily provide in the ways that I expect. Here are some prayer requests for our ministry with Power to Change.
Published 2019-08-26
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