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2021 Report

This is an info-graphic showing a quick synopsis of what God did through our ministry in 2021.
Published 2022-01-07

Steelhead Falls

This weekend we couldn't bear sitting around at home any more so we visited Steelhead Falls up behind Mission. What a beautiful area to hike! Here are some of our favorite pics.
Published 2020-07-20

Our Very First Family Bike Ride

Yesterday, we went on our very first official whole-family bike ride.
Published 2019-04-05

Big Journeys & Small Stones

Dear Friends, I thought it was high-time to write an update regarding what has been happening in our lives over the past few months. Our family has had some adventures and also some harder times and we are very grateful for your continued prayer for us. Our first adventure was a trip to Edmonton. I (James) have a cousin who got married this summer, and we drove up as a family to attend the wedding....
Published 2018-07-30

Hatching Chicks

As you may know, we have been homeschooling our kids. This year, as part of their learning experience, we are hatching chicks! Carolanne had found a good deal on a 2'nd hand incubator a few years ago, and this year we have some fuzzy little additions to our family. (at least for a little while... we have no plans to actually keep chickens) [caption id="attachment_2745" align="alignnone" width="400"] This is the first chick that hatched. Cute...
Published 2018-05-18

Merry Christmas 2016

Dear Friends and Supporters, Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We trust you will have a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration. We also want to say thank you VERY much for your prayer and support of us this past year. We are so blessed to have such a great team of people surrounding us in this ministry. Our family has been doing well. Ben is in grade four now and Julia grade two....
Published 2016-12-23

Safely Home

[gallery link="file" ids="2516,2513,2514,2515,2512,2511"] I'm glad to say that I am back safely from my trip to Hamilton Ontario and the 2016 Power to Change National Staff Conference. It was a great time of renewed vision and team building with The Life Project. Around half of our team works remotely, some in the eastern Canadian and US regions so it was really great to be able to reconnect with the team face-to-face instead of simply by...
Published 2016-07-25

Ben LOVES Star Wars

Our son Ben LOVES anything related to Star Wars, and at his last birthday they had a great "light-saber" fight out front of our place. I thought it would be fun to post the (slightly modified) picture.
Published 2015-03-16

Happy New Year 2015

I trust you’ve had a blessed Christmas and New Year as we welcome 2015. Carolanne and I spent the holidays celebrating with both of our families. Following that we took the weekend of the 27’th to celebrate our anniversary while my parents watched the kids. Our kids thoroughly enjoyed roasting marshmallows over the in-door “campfire” we got for grammy. Here are a few other pictures from our recent activities.
Published 2015-01-26

February Snow

I'm told (mostly by Carolanne) that I don't post enough pics of us and the kids, so here's some pics from our recent snowfall here in the 'Wack. [caption id="attachment_2170" align="alignnone" width="600"] Ben and Julia made snow angels[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2174" align="alignnone" width="450"] Julia working hard[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2169" align="alignnone" width="600"] Looks like they almost scraped the ground dry to make this guy.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2176" align="alignnone" width="450"] The snowman[/caption]  
Published 2014-02-12

Recent Pics

A few recent pictures from around our house.[gallery type="slideshow" ids="1946,1945,1949,1948,1950,1951,1954,1955,1956"] Interested to find out more about who we are?  Read about our ministry.
Published 2013-08-23

A post I forgot to post! It is long past, but I thought I would post it anyway.

Well another year has now come and went. Can hardly believe that it is already 2012. Happy New Year all! We had a fun and enjoyable Christmas time. We decided that we would let the kids both open a gift each day a couple days before hand so that there was not as much all at one time. This went well. James had built a doll house and I had decorated it and Ben tested...
Published 2012-08-07

Our puppy

Well, I have been meaning to post something on here about our new puppy we got in April of this year. She's around 4 months old now and her name is Cookie. She is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a King Charles Cavalier. She will be a medium size dog when full grown. She kind of looks like a mini Rusty. (That was our Golden Retriever dog we used to have that we...
Published 2011-05-26

Julia can now walk

Julia has known how to walk for a while now, but has chosen to scoot around instead on her knee till now. She is growing up. She is now walking around looking so proud of herself.  She is doing quite well and has had no little falls.
Published 2011-03-03

Random Pics

Well, now I will be finished updating our blog with current things that have been going on in our lives. Here are just some random  pics of/with the kids that I thought I would post.I love this photo. [gallery link="file"] A funny memory we have of Ben; Ben uses the letter "Y" instead of the letter "L" in words. When my brother Reg found this out he was asking Ben to say all these words...
Published 2010-08-10
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