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Family & Ministry Update

Last year at this time we had just gotten settled and were getting used to living here in Quesnel. There was fresh snow on the ground and we weren’t sure what to expect from the upcoming winter. Today there is again fresh snow, we have been living here a little over a year and have experienced all the seasons, including winter, summer, mosquito, and bear season.
Published 2023-12-15

Global Daily - July 2023

In my last update I mentioned that I would be developing a live-chat system for our ministry. This has now been built and we are in the process of testing it and rolling it out to some select partners who are helping us with the testing.
Published 2023-08-01

Global Daily - April 2023

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support of us. We are very blessed to have friends and donors who continue to surround us and this ministry in prayer. As you may know, much of my practical day-to-day activity is writing the back-end code that runs our various software platforms and outreach sites. Right now I'm exploring how we might build a live-chat system where our visitors would be able to...
Published 2023-03-14

A Muslim Finds Truth

Salima’s life of privilege and wealth came crashing down when her husband was sent to prison for fraud. It wasn’t until several years later that her life changed for the better.
Published 2022-11-21

Sept. 2020 Update

Dear Friends, What a crazy summer it has been! I know I and my family are definitely ready for life to go back to some semblance of normal. I'm sure you are too. Seems like every month brings new calamities. As I write this today, our skies here in Chilliwack are grey with wildfire smoke, and at times the air has an acrid taste. Just this week a train derailed nearby, and a large pier...
Published 2020-09-15

2019 Wrap Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We feel very blessed to have you on our team! Thank you for your prayer and support of us in this ministry over the years. We are so glad to have you standing with us in this ministry. Read more to find our full End of Year letter for download.
Published 2019-12-30

Texting for Christ - Sept 2019 Ministry Update

James shares about the new text message mentoring and a story of how a Hindu woman in India came to Christ.
Published 2019-09-27

Some Statistics

Normally, raw statistics are not all that inspiring. I thought these were worth sharing though. This is a glimpse into why I do what I do. So far today, there are 24 people who have indicated that they've decided to accept Jesus as their forever-friend. And the day isn't over yet.
Published 2014-10-10

Share Our Facebook Posts

Hey all! I know I have mentioned this in past newsletters, but I thought I would mention it again. If you would like to help us raise more support, one way that you can do that is by linking and/or re-sharing our facebook posts. There is one in particular that I just posted that would be a great place to start. This is a picture of what it will look like.  Click here or on...
Published 2014-03-17

A glimpse into Internet ministry

It may seem strange or foreign to some that we get people with such personal and heartbreaking stories writing in to us from the websites. You may think that most of our work is with nameless, faceless "website visitors" who we never really have a chance to interact with.  In some situations, that is true.  However in many cases, we have people writing to us with very personal and painful questions that our team must...
Published 2012-10-26

Video About My Job

I've often tried to explain exactly what I do to groups of people and usually end up getting somewhat of a blank stare in response.  Either I tend to make it too simple: "I work as a missionary on the Internet" OR I make it too complicated: "I help to build, code and maintain the back-end PHP/MySQL based systems and API's that enable our ministry to engage with website visitors who find us on the...
Published 2012-05-11

Global Daily

What are the major hurdles, from your perspective, that will need God's divine enabling and overcoming in order for you to reach your ministry objectives? What are these objectives? Our position within the Power to Change ministry is actually a fairly unique one.  What I mean is that as missionaries on the Internet, we are not working in a traditional missionary type of environment.  We are not somewhere far off overseas serving the Lord in...
Published 2011-09-20

Recent Updates

Dear Friends and Family, Thank you so much for the ongoing prayer and support you have shown us over these past years.  You have been such a huge encouragement to us and we are honoured to have people like you standing with us as we serve with Power to Change. Over the past few months, we have been seeing the traffic on our sites growing by leaps and bounds.  On just the Power to Change...
Published 2011-08-24

August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends, Thank you all very much for your ongoing prayer and support of us over these past few months.  It's hard to believe we're already a good way through summer.  (probably because we've had so little sunshine)  :)  I wanted to say an especially big thank you to all of you who have responded recently to our fund raising requests by joining our team, increasing your giving and giving additional special gifts. ...
Published 2011-08-02

Sharing Prayer

It has been an exciting few months here in TruthMedia. Now that the majority of our work has been finished on the Power to Change supersite, we have had the opportunity to branch out into a few other projects that were waiting on the back-burners. One of these, was to try and build a facebook app that would let people send in prayer requests. Power to Change and TruthMedia’s new “Need Prayer?” Facebook app helps...
Published 2011-03-11
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