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The Car Situation

Well, the car situation is continuing. As you may know, we've been having on-and-off issues with Carolanne's car. I think now we really are coming to the point where we need to replace it.

Please pray for us that the Lord would give us wisdom in how best to proceed. Our options currently are

  1. Buy a new car that we can customize exactly to the way we need it. (we're looking at a 4 door hatchback style, in order to accomodate two car seats and a dog)
  2. Buy used, and hope that we can find something reliable, cheap and that would meet our needs for the future.

Most likely, we'll be selling both our current cars, and going down to one automatic that would fit what we need. One of the cars we would be selling is our 91 Honda CRX.

91 Honda CRX

Click the picture read more about it, and let us know if there is anyone you know of who might be interested.

Published Mon, Apr 10, 2006 in: prayer requests
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