Davinci Blog Ad Boycotted

Recently, in response to the movie “The Da Vinci Code”, our team has been working to build a website which would allow people to come and discuss their thoughts on the movie/book and hopefully to engage with us in spiritual discussions.

Part of this initiative involved the purchase of an ad spot in theatres before showings of the movie. The ad spot simply advertized an opportunity to “Seek the Truth” with a link to www.discussdavinci.com. This is the website we have developed, along with the discussion blog at davinci.thelife.com.

Shortly before the movie came out, the theatres pulled the ad.

“In an unexpected move, Cineplex Odeon decided today the ads were too controversial and has pulled the spots from theatres in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto. ” (davinci.thelife.com)

The Prayer Request:

Please pray that in spite of this development, many people would be drawn to the site and that the questions which arise would be answered. Pray also that the news would not twist what Campus Crusade says, to suit their own agenda’s.