Alcoholic Email

This email was received off one of our Christian Women Today website a few days ago. The writer is a lady from the USA. We have had an opportunity to talk to her and help to guide her in her relationship with Christ.

I feel my life getting better already now that I let go and let God.I am a recovering alcoholic. I feel I drink due to my low self-esteem and the fact I am shy. Plus I worry what everyone thinks of me and them judging me or not liking me. When I drink I am confident and not afraid to do things. I also black out, hit people; drive places while drunk, lots of scary things like that. I need God to help keep me from drinking. If you could pray for me to not be afraid anymore and have confidence in myself and to believe in my self to do things on my own and not feel the need for alcohol to do them and stay focused on God pulling me threw, that might help. I have faith God will make me the kind of person he wants me to be. which is one that is not a alcoholic. Your prayers are appreciated. God Bless.