James’ business trip


Well Campus Crusade needs James to go to Florida for 4 days on a business trip with a couple of his co-workers. Most of those 4 days are spent in traveling. I am not looking forward to this time at all. I wish that he did not have to go at all, but there is no way out of it. So I’m stuck here for 4 days with my husband being away on business. It makes me really sad that I can’t go along and be with him. Well I’m trying to plan things for every moment that he is away in hopes to not get depressed about him being away. I do look forward to next Friday night though!!!

5 thoughts on “James’ business trip

  1. haha nice comment Rob 🙂 At least, you get a break from feeding your other boy hey Carolanne? ! Which 4 days is he gone? Maybe you and I can plan a morning or night together, need to do some shopping that you want some company for or whatever, shopping is just one idea?

  2. Hello, just letting you know that you in fact i believe have gone to sleep before I. I went to bed at 11pm but could not sleep. Now I can not keep my eyes open so I’ll be going to bed now to sleep. G’night. Thx for the comment on my blog. I commented you back with answers to your questions on there on my blog, just so you know. Ok ttyl.

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