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An Answer to Three Years of Prayer!

The following is an excerpt of a praise report written by another one of our staff members here at CCC:

We had a great prayer and praise time and close to the end, nannysnest came in to report an answer to prayer. A decision was made yesterday concerning her 3 granddaughters ,who were in custody of their dad. Seems the judge saw through lies and such and took them from him and gave custody to their mother…on nannysnest’s birthday wow! She stated in prayer time that the ladies here have been praying for the reversal of this decision for 3 years! We don’t always hear how God works in the lives of the people that we pray for in chat, but this answer to prayer gave me goosebumps! Be encouraged team! God is at work in amazing ways!
Published Wed, Aug 30, 2006 in: exciting stories & emails prayer requests
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