Competition to Guess Baby’s Birthday!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Come one, come all to join in the “Competition to Guess Baby’s Birthday“!

Yes, you heard correctly… we are having a competition to see who’s guess will be the closest to the day and hour when our baby will be born. Our due-date is somewhere around April 28’th, and to participate in the competition you will need to use the comment area at the bottom of this page to guess the day and hour on which our baby will be born. (Email newsletter readers can click here to comment.) The winner will be the person who’s guess falls the closest to the actual event, and there will be a prize of great awesomeness!!


  • You must guess both day and hour. (not minutes…your guess will be disqualified if you include minutes)
  • You may not guess a previously guessed day and hour. Guesses are first-come-first-serve, so you probably want to guess sooner than later.
  • You may only have one guess per person. Individuals in couples or families may each have one guess.
  • Cheaters will be disqualified. If you are caught cheating, the penalty (apart from the burning guilt and grief at your lack of moral fortitude) will be complete disqualification from the competition.

So feel free to write your guess in the comments area below, or click this link to respond if you are reading this as an email:

UPDATED: At our latest ultrasound, our due date has been changed to be somewhere around May 16’th. If you wish to change your guess, we will take the last recorded guess when considering the votes.

33 thoughts on “Competition to Guess Baby’s Birthday!

  1. Okay this is Mandy, I think that Carolanne will deliver on
    May5th at 2:00 am…sorry carolanne I know thats probably not what you want to hear 🙂

  2. Alright…since we can have an individual guess… my guess is May 18 at 5:00 pm. Reid’s and Mathew’s guess will remain the same. 🙂

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