Doctors visit

Well James and I went for my doctors visit. We are 15 weeks along now. We listened to the heart beat again and the doctor talked about a bunch of different things and gave us papers and did a small physical. He was very encouraging and it was nice to hear that we are doing the right things.

We then had to go down and have my blood tested. It’s weird how such a small needle can hurt that much! It does not hurt for long, but it hurts more than those little shots one gets in high school. Maybe it’s because I’ve never given blood before. My poor mother-in-law, she had to get way more then one of them done and just one hurts. The lady said it was because of the fact that they take the blood from a sensitive area. It was a totally different feeling then other needles I’ve had.

Our doctor does not actually deal with pregnancies. He has 4 doctors that work together as a team that specialize in this department and we will be dealing with these for our pregnancy. This doctor we saw today said that our due date is actually the 26th of April. I don’t know if anyone is going to want to change their prediction on the contest because of this.

Well that’s all for now.

3 thoughts on “Doctors visit

  1. Really?!! The 26th, hmm…I don’t know I think I want to stick with the 28th because I don’t know I like that number better. 😉 Hey I found this link that you may be interested in visiting sometime. It’s to do with really neat daipers. Click here to see these really neat daipers. See you. Oh and I’m glad everything’s ok with the little one and you.

  2. I am glad all is well with you and your little one. I hate those blood tests too! wait till they do the glucose tolerance test. you will never want to drink orange crush again! plus you get a blood test too!
    bring a book with you cuz they dont let you leave either.
    check my blog and you can see my ultra sound pictures since were the same weeks your baby probably looks just like that too. I am actually due on the 28th so your a couple of days ahead. I still think you wont have it till may though 🙂 hehehe
    take care

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