Sick and Pregnant

Well I must say it is worse being sick and pregnant then just plain sick. When your sick and pregnant at the same time, there is not much that you can take to help you get better any faster. I’ve been sick now since Thursday and I’ve not been sleeping very well at all.  I’m waiting for that sleep where I won’t be interrupted by coughing fits and a sore scratchy throat.

4 thoughts on “Sick and Pregnant

  1. Congratulations on the Saturday meeting! And I think you can update your blog here 😉 Miss Better…

    p.s. Oh and you have to check out J’s new video…I actually have added his website to mine. I decided it was ok to do so. And I changed a lot of things too…made it look way cleaner on my blog. Check it out sometime~ ttyl…I think I’ll go to bed soon here, after I check up on all those that I care about it. K going to sleep real soon.

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