New Due Date for baby(ultra sound results)

Well, we went for the ultra sound on December 8th and everything is going well as far as she can tell for this stag. I am actually not as far along as we originally thought, so I guess we will have to give people a chance to change their guesses, as to when baby will actually be born. The ultra sound has given us a due date of May the 16th 2007. So if you have already participated in our baby birthday contest then you can guess again if you’d like. If you have not yet guessed we encourage you to participate. There will be a price for the person that is the closest. We are not sure of what yet, but hey, if you would like to sponsor the price let us know.
As far as ultra sounds go, we went to Langley to have it done. Ultra sounds are not as bad as people make them out to be. I’ve heard horror stories of people who felt like they were going to explode, because of drinking too much water. Well I think this is because one does not know how much they need to drink in order for their bladder to be full enough and it’s better to be safe then sorry. I had a very full bladder. By the time we got there I really had to go, and I never even drank how much I was suppose to. To top it all off I was told to go and relieve part of myself, because I was too full. Then it was all fine. So I know for next time that for my body I only need maybe 1/2 of what they suggest.

It was cool getting to see what our baby looks like inside of me. We baby’s little foot and all the rest of it to like the head and spine and arms and legs, but I thought the foot was the coolest picture of them all. We did not buy any of the pictures, because we have to go in again anyways, and we will be able to see clearer then.

3 thoughts on “New Due Date for baby(ultra sound results)

  1. wow your due date is changed???/ thats amazing…. you and Julie are now due closer to the same time. Im surprized the date changed so much. I have my second ultrasound on thursday. I am excited to see how much has changed. are you feeling kicks yet? I was feeling flutters before but now i feel little kicks its pretty fun. glad to hear everything is going well.
    and i think i definatley will be changed the date I chose on your baby pool.

  2. changed? weird! I think I’m going to keep mine as the 28th of April still…and I would have liked to have seen a picture of the ultrasound. Oh well money doesn’t grow on trees after all so I understand. Take care.

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