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Encouraging Emails this Week

Dear Friends,
Please pray with me both for these people as well as for the mentors who take responsibility for helping them answer some of these difficult life questions.

I want to leave my life calmly and peacefully, I don't want more money in my life, I just want to know the real meaning of life. I’m an accountant by profession and having a good job, but i am not satisfied with my life, I always feel like boring with my life. I don't like to go any party or any crowded area or any types of hectic situation, I’m 24 year of old. Please give me the right way to live and way to get real happiness . (Delhi, India)

I need help finding myself (USA)

"If there is a God...." I have been thinking about this year and all the bad things that has happened to me. I keep praying asking what I have done and to make my life better but it hasn’t worked yet if there is a God please make my life happier and please let me work things out with my boyfriend and please make us last for a long time

I have gone very far from God. I hardly pray. I don't even know where to start. I'm dying to have a personal relationship with God. I would like to hear his voice when he speaks to me.

I'm really desperate. (London, UK)

I accepted Jesus when I was a little girl, but lately feel as though I have lost the connection. My life seems to get harder and harder. I was looking up sites and happen to come along this link. Thank you so much for what you have written. It has started me back on the path of which I begun all those years ago. I am now trying to accept Jesus into my heart more than ever. again thank you so much! (Jamestown, United States)

I accept Jesus in my life - Jesus all of theme in my life (Indonesia)

At this time in my life I need to know if Jesus is with me be cause I need him so much please pray for me (Derry, Ireland)

Published Fri, Jan 12, 2007 in: exciting stories & emails prayer requests
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