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Our 3rd Anniversary

Harrison Heritage House - Entrance Well this December 27th was our last year before kids come along so we decided to go somewhere. We decided on a Bed and Breakfast in Harrison called "Harrison Heritage House". It was a beautiful place and both James and I are both glad that we decided on this place. The room was decorated kind of rustic like and it had a jacuzzi tub right in the room. It also had a "water closet" (the toilet was in the closet).

The room itself looked out onto their garden. We really liked the fact that this place had curtains! The place we had went for our honeymoon had no curtains anywhere and supposedly still does not...that is the only reason why we did not revisit that place. This place had a beautiful yard that we walked around, and the whole place was within walking distance from the lake and all the scenic places. It was even nice weather out so we got to walk around quite a bit.

B&B Garden

They provided breakfast to our door at the time we had requested and it was a nice breakfast. We both really enjoyed our stay and would gladly go back in the future. We felt so refreshed after our anniversary and to top everything off James has the first week in January off. It's been so relaxing and fun.

As for our Christmas it was full, but nice. I had done all the grocery shopping to last us up until the end of the year. This way we never had to step foot into the stores were it gets to busy and people can be grumpy and I seem to get stressed out. It was so nice not to have to rush around and get anything at the last minute. It made my Christmas season a lot more enjoyable. We spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas day with James' family. We had done our own Christmas gift opening a couple days before Christmas. One of the gifts I got was this really neat mat to put into the bath tub making it into a jacuzzi tub.

This has been a really nice Christmas. Hope you had a good Christmas and a happy New Year!

Published Thu, Jan 18, 2007 in: personal life
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