Prayer Requests And Encouraging Emails

The following emails were received just this week on our websites. I find it encouraging that we see responses from such a variety of places around the world. It’s awesome to be able to help people all over the world from right here in Langley. Just this last January, we had the privilege of seeing more than 1700 people come to know Christ through our websites.

Please pray for us that the Lord would continue to encourage us as we try to continue raising our support.

Some Of The Emails We Have Received This Week:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the awesome materials that you make available, they have helped and encouraged me. I only found your website two days ago but it has been a major blessing for myself as well as others that I have shared it with. I have a heart toward helping others and it would be an honor to help in any way that I can. God Bless You and this Ministry.


I continue to struggle with my faith. I want desperately to believe, without hesitation, that Jesus is my savior and I need only put my trust in him. Words of encouragement would be appreciated.
Country: USA


I have rededicated my life to the Lord. With my 2 sons we have been having our family worship every evening at 8 pm. In all our worship we cry our hearts out to the Lord to touch and change the life of my husband who is not with us but in another country.
COUNTRY: Fiji Islands


I usually pray three times a day or more and also read my bible for meditation. The great difficulties I’m confronted with are the fear of witchcraft against people working in a town like mine. That is the daily practice in my village and shamelessness and adultery that sometimes tempts me.


I am at a crossroads in my life, I think. I see things I haven’t seen before, in people, in myself, in the world around me. I am in the middle of my life and old enough to know that what happens in this life is never the answer to the soul’s deepest desire, and that is oneness with God.

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  1. I Need PRAYER..
    Please help me I need prayer support. I am in depression due to a soul tie I allowed in my life. I divorced my husband 7years ago due to abuse issues for our 24yr marriage. To make life worse I fell deep in love, and sin with another man. “He swept me off my feet” However after a couple years I seen red flags and realized it wasn’t where the Lord wanted me, and I felt burdened to return to my husband. I did remarry my husband in april’06. I still have love, and desires for this man and its destroying me I have prayed, and asked others to pray. I have to truly let go of this man, and be stronger than ever before in God’s will, and learn to love, and respect my husband. I also started smoking cigarettes, and drinking while with this man.. I need to let go of all this sin I can’t live like this anymore. I need prayer, and deliverance.. God Bless, Cheryl, Thankyou. I need to get healthy spiritually, physically, mentally, and help others for the Lord. I NEED peace..If I can help ONE woman avoid this trap it will be worth all the pain..

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    My wife and I would be glad to pray for you in this struggle that you are experiencing. Also, as you may have read here on our blog, I work with a larger team of people called TruthMedia, and one of the most important things that we do is pray for and encourage people struggling with issues like these. Would you be ok with me passing your name and prayer request on to our team? We have a number of women who serve as online mentors, and who would love to be able to talk and pray with you more about this.

    All the best in Christ,

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