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March Baby update

Well we went for another doctors visit. We got the test results back from the glucose test that we did a couple weeks ago and everything is fine with that. NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES!! That is an answer to prayer, because I was praying that those tests would be negative. I've heard of people who get gestational diabetes and it does not sound like much fun to have to go through.

The doctors visit went well I am one of those ones that suffer from something called "White Coat syndrome" meaning that every time I go into the doctors office my blood pressure jumps and they think I have high blood pressure, but I've been recording it on my own using one of those machines at Save on Foods and it is fine. They want me to keep up taking my own blood pressure readings, because they say they are more accurate then what they get from me there.

One of the doctors, that is part of the team of doctors that we see during this pregnancy, we have seen a couple of times outside of the office, walking around Mill Lake. It's neat to see her outside of the office. I kind of hope she's the one that we will be there at the time of the delivery. She lives hear in Abbotsford and she is a Christian. I'm not sure if the whole team are Christians or not, but I'm pretty sure she is.

So the doctor has confirmed that our due date is May 17th. So anyone that has not yet voted on when they think baby will arrive should do so. It is in the top right corner of our blog. There will be a prize to the person who guesses the closest date and time.

Published Wed, Mar 7, 2007 in: baby stuff information
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