Prenatal Classes

Well tonight, March 7th, we started our prenatal classes. This was the first one of 6 classes. The 6th one is a reunion. It’s nice to be prepared for what lies ahead. The more prepared the better, I think.

It was an informative evening. We were there from 6:30 till shortly after 9:00pm. The part we thought funny was that the teacher had said it’s not a good idea to go on long car trips or flights, because of sitting for too long which can cause blood to pool in the legs, but we were all sitting there the whole time and wasn’t that like sitting in a car or airplane. We did have a break to get up and go to the bathroom, but the class is kind of small to walk around and do anything else in so we all just sat in our chairs.

We were told to bring our books, that they hand out when you sign up, but we never once had to use it. We are suppose to read some parts in there before the next weeks class so we can ask questions.

The part that I am looking forward to is the hospital visit which is in the 3rd class. I think it will help ease any stress I may have to see where I will be taken to and what is expected in the hospital, once labor starts.

Some info was interesting, like finding out that Raspberry tea induces labor. Also finding out that a glass of tea had more caffeine in it then a glass of pop.

Well we have 4 more classes till baby comes. Then one reunion class once everyone has had their baby.

3 thoughts on “Prenatal Classes

  1. Sounds like typical prenatal classes.
    I found your website when I did a google search on my name. 🙂
    God bless you in your ministry – it was exciting to read different snippets of how you came to be at this place.

  2. I used red raspberry leaf tea to go into labour and it didnt work 😛 but i guess it does work for most women.
    most of those classes were too much info but the hospital tour one is good. they could skp everything else and you would still be just as informed and a little less tramatized…. watch out for the videos!!!!

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