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Well, on the housing front we have good news and bad news. The good news is, we have received and accepted an offer on our condo. WOOHOO! The people who made the offer now have a week to remove their subjects. That’s the good news.

The difficult news is that they want possession at the beginning of May. This leaves us with just over a month to find another place and move. That’s a bit scary.

It IS encouraging because we had been wanting to be in the new place before baby was born, but at this point it does mean that things have to move very quickly.

So, our next question becomes “What and where, do we want to buy?”. We have looked at a number of places here in Abbotsford, and it would seem that we have limited options.

1. We buy a cheaper, older townhouse here in Abbotsford. So far, the majority of townhouses we’ve looked at here have been 25+ years old, and not really ideal for what we’ve been wanting. They’ve been older, some very small, and in general have been quite disappointing.

2. We buy an older mobile home with land. Also not a great option, as they too tend to be older, very small and could make getting the financing difficult.

3. We buy a place in Chilliwack. This is beginning to become a very attractive option for us, simply based on what our money can get us. For the same price as an old townhouse in Abby, we can get a new (ie 2000 or newer) townhouse in Chilliwack. The down side is that we’re out in Chilliwack with a new baby, with all our friends, family and support systems here in Abby.

So the question becomes this: Do we buy an awesome place in a not-so-great location, or do we buy a not-so-great place in the ideal location?

We would like to pose the same question to you. What do YOU think? We would like your input.

Wishing you all the best,
James and Carolanne Warkentin

4 thoughts on “House Selling & Buying

  1. As an addendum to this, we HAVE found a VERY nice place for sale in Chilliwack that we could probably get, with the dates we need.

    – The price is good
    – Built in 2000
    – Family and pet friendly
    – Central A/C
    – Central Vac
    – 7 minutes from the freeway
    – All laminate
    – LOTs of space.
    – Hot tub on the deck

  2. Move to Chilliwack–it is not that far away. Better to raise the kids in a newer home.

  3. Considering that you ‘three’ will be in the home the most, buying what pleases/suits you might be a priority. Some grandparents live provinces away so Chilliwack seems much closer! New friends will be made in the new locale and they often ‘substitute’ for the ‘family’ you leave in Abbotsford. One can always move again if things don’t work out!! Praying…

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