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House Selling & Buying Part 2

Wow, things have been moving REALLY fast. Since my last update, the following steps have taken place.

1. Tuesday night we went with our realtor (Dan Keeley) to take a look at some places in Chilliwack, thinking that perhaps there might be something out there worth looking at. (so far we had not considered Chilliwack as a viable option for us) We were thinking, that maybe living in Chilliwack would work out ok, if we found a really good place for the right price.

Out there, we looked at one house, and two townhouses. The house, although cute, was VERY small as well as being quite old. The first townhouse we looked at was a one year old place on three levels. It was a very nice place and even smelled new, but had quite a strange layout and a LOT of stairs. It was also in a less desirable location.

The second townhouse we looked at was beautiful. It was a two-story level entry place built in 2000, with a deep garage and laminate floors throughout the house. Both Carolanne and I liked it a lot, but were still unsure if we really wanted to move to Chilliwack.

2. That same evening, we found out that we had received an offer on our condo. After some negotiation, we accepted the final offer, and gave the people until Thursday, April 5'th to remove their subjects. (meaning at that point they put a deposit on the place and are committed to the purchase) The scary part of that is the people want to move in at the beginning of May. This means we have to find somewhere else to live by the beginning of May or be homeless. :S

3. That evening, we also contacted the owners of the place in Chilliwack, asking whether or not they would even consider a "move out date" at the beginning of May. They're answer was "possibly, if the price is right".

4. On Wednesday, after doing some research on living in Chilliwack, talking about it a lot and praying about it more, Carolanne and I decided that we would make an offer on the second Chilliwack townhouse that we really liked. We asked for a subject removal date of Friday April 6'th (one day after that of the people buying our place) and a move in date at the beginning of May, matching the dates of our own sale. The offer was accepted.

Now, we're at a decision point. It would seem that God prevented our place from selling until we decided to go look in Chilliwack. Once we had done that, we found a place that we really liked for a price that worked. Through the process of deciding to move out there, we have had a number of concerns about it, but every single one so far has been quickly resolved.

While I had pretty much given up hope for finding a place and being able to move in before the baby came, it would seem that God still had everything perfectly in control. I just need to trust Him and "hang on!"

This is a picture of the place that we've made an offer on.

Sardis House

Located in "Country Grove", the townhouse is a middle unit with 3 bedrooms, a large play area, living room, kitchen and dining room. It also has a fireplace, laminate floors, fenced back yard, low strata fees and air conditioning.

As for location, it's about 5-10 minutes from the freeway. Click here to see the actual location. If you view it in satellite mode, you can actually see our complex.

Carolanne and I both want to thank all of you VERY much for your prayers for us during this time, and ask that you would keep on praying, as there are still a lot of details to be worked out as well as many potential problems.

Wishing you all the best,

James Warkentin

Published Fri, Mar 30, 2007 in: personal life
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