Housing Update

Well our condo is officially sold!! They get the keys at noon on May 5th. As for us we have made an offer on the townhouse in Sardis and it has been excepted and all the subjects have been removed. We are set to move into our new place May 4th. So if any of you are wanting to help with moving we need all the help we can get. We will be using our relator’s truck and trailer, but will need people who are willing to help us move all our stuff into the trailer and unload it at the other end. If any of you are interested in helping us move let us know. We most likely will be starting in the afternoon on Friday May 4th. I know that there are many people who can not help on Friday during the day, because of their work, but we may still need help in the evening. If your able to help, but only in the evening please let us know.

Thank you all for your prayers concerning this whole selling and moving issue that has been on going for a while. It’s really nice to see things coming together. It is less stressful for me and even though the moving date is really close to our due date it’s less stressful knowing that we have a smoke free place that our baby will be coming home to. I just have to make sure that I don’t over work myself and bring on labor early. God has provided so far and I’m sure He will continue to provide.

There will be a lot of change for our dog Rusty, because not only are we moving, but there is also a baby that will be coming into the house. I think he will do ok though.

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  1. OH I’m SO HAPPY for you guys!!! And sure we’ll help if we can that day…just call us when you need us and see if we are available…Love you guys!

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