Selling: Cordless Vacuum – $40

Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo

We recently picked up a cordless Bissell perfectSWEEP Turbo vacuum cleaner. Our plan was to use it for cleaning in our new place, as all the floors are laminate and we need a good solution for cleaning up Rusty’s hair. (he tends to shed a lot at times) According to others that we have talked to, it works really well for vacuuming both laminate and carpet, so we picked one up.

Unfortunately, while it works really well for most cleaning purposes, it does NOT do well picking up Rusty’s hair. So, we have decided that we should sell it. We are selling it for $40. It is slightly used, but does work QUITE well for most things.


  1. Motorized 3-brush system with dual edge brushes to provide maximum cleaning
  2. Rechargebale cordless cleaning power for up to 60 minutes
  3. Great for bare floors and carpets because it automatically adjusts to all floor surfaces
  4. Converts to a handheld sweeper for stairs and other hard to reach surfaces
  5. Easy to empty large capacity dirt cup
  6. Handle lies flat to clean under furniture
  7. Model No. 2880