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We need help moving!

Hello friends and family. It is official we are moving! We are moving on May 4th. Yes, it is on my mom's birthday and my sister-in-law Bitsy's birthday, but we have no choice in the matter this is the only day we have for moving. We need to be out of our place be noon on May 5th.

We hope to start at 2:00pm here at our place and pack things into Dan's trailer and then move onto my parents house to load some other stuff that we have stored over there. After that it's off to our new place in Sardis to unload the trailer. In Sardis we will be providing pizza and pop for supper for all those who can help us move. We are aware that many people work on Friday during the day, but if you can help after that let us know. Any of you that are available to help us move starting 2:00pm please let us know as well.

We especially need help in that I (Carolanne) won't be as much of a help as I'd like too, because I will be quite near the end of this pregnancy. I would not want to send myself into early labor no matter how much my brother Reg and sister-in-law Bitsy would like me too. They will have to deal with the fact that they most likely will be in Thailand when baby is born. Sorry guys, but we will send you pictures and maybe you'll just have to come back for Christmas to visit.

Please let us know if and what time you can help us move on May 4th.
Thank you in advance to all of you who can help us with this move. We really appreciate the help.

PS. After April 15th the baby contest will be closed. No more guessing when baby will be born and no more changing of times or dates after the 15th. Thank you to all of you who participated and we will inform you who the winner of this prize of great awesomeness is, after baby is here.

Published Thu, Apr 12, 2007 in: information personal life
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