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What a Day

Sunday might have been an ordinary day for some of us, but to others it was definitely not. Last night we got a call from my brother's wife informing us that my 5 year old nephew had been hit by a car. Thankfully he is alright, he just has some scrapes and bruises and a nasty bump on his head. They were at my parents house and he was going to visit my brother downstairs and instead he went and rode his bike with no helmet on. They had no idea that he was not where he said he was until he came screaming inside. Outside was a stopped car and his bike. He was taken to the hospital to get checked out and everything looks ok inside. He's a little shaken up about the whole thing and says he's not going to do that again.

Then this yesterday morning I checked my email and I had received an email from a friend about her mother being brutely beaten. She was attached by her son who beat and stabbed her. Her neighbor saw what was going on and came out swinging a golf club and he ran off. He has since been caught and is going to be in court. My friend's mom is in the hospital on life support, but is expected to recover. Supposedly he has beaten her before and has threatened to kill her. Pray that this time she actually presses charges or he will be free again and next time she may not be so fortunate.

Please pray for both of these individuals and their families. Also pray for the people that hit my nephew. They were quite shaken up by the whole thing too. It's not an easy thing dealing with hitting someone with your vehicle even if it was a child that came flying out in front of you and you had no chance to stop.

Published Tue, May 1, 2007 in: information
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