It’s a Boy! – Fixed Pictures

Benjamin Matthew  WarkentinWell our new addition to our family has arrived!
His name is Benjamin Matthew Warkentin.
He weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces.
He was born May 15th at 7:25 pm.
Isn’t he so cute?! We think so.

James and Carolanne and little Benjamin moments after birthThe proud parents right after delivery. I was so glad when they told me I could finally push. It was only 4 contractions later until little Benjamin flew into this world.

a proud daddyA proud daddy! No the wheelchair was not just for looks. James put his back out picking up Benjamin and handing him to me. It may sound funny, but we think it was not just that, but a combination of sleeping on those awful cots at the hospital for 2 nights and from having me pull up on him during my time of pushing. Picking up Benjamin was just the last straw. Prayers for a speedy recovery would be great. It’s sad, but I do believe that I am in better condition right now then James. I’m still suppose to take it easy though and ignore the household chores and just concentrate on recovering from the delivery and talking care of Benjamin.

Rusty checking out BenjaminRusty is very curious and sniffs around the baby bassinet every time that Benjamin makes a sound. He’s not quite sure what to do yet. I’m sure he will adjust very fast though and before long they will be best friends.

More pictures and info to come when we both recover a bit.
Thanks to all of you who have offered help. It has been very much appreciated.

12 thoughts on “It’s a Boy! – Fixed Pictures

  1. Hey guys! YES BEN is SO CUTE!!! And I’m so glad I got to hold him for an hour!!! Thank-you~ Hey Carolanne, need me to do your dishes??? HAHA 🙂

  2. Congrats! He is so precious! I’m really looking forward to meeting him this summer. We will be bringing Zenyssa with us to conference (but not the other three) and Marie-France will have her little one there too – we can all hang out with our babies together! We really miss you guys. Congratulations on the new place as well. It looks really nice. Glad you got in before Ben was born. Wish we were closer so I could help. If you have any questions or ever feel like chatting give me a call! Anyways Congratulations again on a beautiful baby boy.

  3. Congrats Guys, and yes he is cute. What a big blessing in a little package. Sorry to hear about your back James, I’m praying for you. Ten or so years ago I had my back go out when I bent down to zip up my daughters jacket. It can be the smallest little thing. It took me a week to recover. So I feel for you.

  4. Congratulations you two! He is soooo cute! I love the picture with Rusty too….get well soon both of you!!

  5. Congratulations! We are so happy for you! We are excited to hear the happy news! We pray for a quick recovery. All the best!

  6. Congratulations you guys!! He is very cute…good job!!
    God bless…hope to be able to come for a visit soon!!
    All the best for a speedy recovery!!

  7. Hi James and Carolanne,

    I heard the good news from your Mom, James- so happy for you and definitely want to reconnect with you. I would like your new home address and also if you could send to me again information on how to give a gift to your support, I would really appreciate that.

    I have great memories of a certain young boy who loved to have stories read to him out in Kalimantan. I am trusting that someday I will get to see your little Ben in person.

    Praying for you all.

    Love and prayers,
    “Aunt Ginny”

  8. Congratulations James and Carolanne! I really like his name…nice and strong. He seems to be a real cutie!

  9. Hey guys. We tried to catch you at your place last Sunday but we just got to enjoy a drive to Chilliwack instead. That’s what we get for not calling first. Hope you found the little package at your front door. If not, look outside. There is a soggy gift out there! We look forward to meeting Benjamin eventually. I hope you are all recovering well from your various physical ailments and adjusting to life together. God bless you!

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