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Life with Benjamin

Well today Benjamin is 2 weeks old. He's so cute and lovable. His smile just melts our hearts. We are enjoying him a lot.

Benjamin has slowly been settling into a nightly routine, which we are very greatful for. He's being more awake during the day time now then at night. This is allowing James and I more sleep. It's not anywhere near the amount of sleep that we were used to before Benjamin's arrival, but it's more then what we have received since Benjamin has been born. James definitely gets more sleep then me, because he does not need to feed Benjamin. I've been jealous that James can fall asleep so quickly and not be bothered by Benjamin's fussing. He can sleep through anything. At the hospital, the first night, James was able to sleep right through the nurses setting up a cot for another lady and all the other noise associated with a new patient being brought into a room. James only realized there was someone else in the room when he got up to use the washroom. I guess it's a good thing that James can sleep right through all that, because then he can get the sleep he needs for work. I at least have a chance to take a nap while Benjamin's sleeping. I can't take a nap,on our bed, today however, because while changing Benjamin on our bed he managed to pee all over our blanket, his sleeper and my arm. I guess he's not dehydrated!

He got circumsized on Friday and my mom came with me, because I could not be in the room for that. She stayed in the room while I was out in the lobby where I could not hear him crying. Supposedly he did really well and only cried for the needle. It looked so painful afterwards when we had to change his diaper. So, because we were at my parents house for the remainder of the day I delegated my mom to changing Benjamin's diapers. It has been healing nicely making changing his diaper a whole lot easier.

James' back is slowly healing and I've continued to heal, although I have to remember to take it easy and not over work myself. I feel like I can do way more, but my body is still healing and I need to give it time to do so. This is hard for me, because since moving into this new place I've wanted to get our place all set up and organized.

We are having a housewarming/James' birthday this coming Saturday, June 2nd, between 4-7pm. It is a potluck. Family and friends are all invited. This gives everyone a chance to come see our new place and our newest family member. If anyone wants to help me with cleaning I would welcome the help.

Published Fri, Jun 1, 2007 in: personal life
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