July Newsletter

Well, it’s been a little while since I wrote a newsletter update, so I thought it was about time I sent out another one.

FamilyPic_400.JPGFamily Update:
Benjamin, Carolanne and I have been doing quite well lately. Ben is growing well and has actually been almost sleeping through the night these days. He usually goes down to bed at about 9 pm, and wakes up between 5:30 and 6 am. He sleeps in his own room now and has LOTs of toys and stuffed animals to keep him company, given from friends and family. Thank you very much to all of you who have been so generous.

Ministry Update:
The ministry here in TruthMedia has been going very well. We have made some major changes in direction recently, deciding that based on our team structure and the direction the Internet seems to be going, we will be combining the majority of our websites into one big “super-site” which will contain all the information from all the scattered sites we currently have. There are a number of benefits to doing this including the fact that it gives us the ability to create a much more cohesive community environment, where members and visitors to the site can interact with each other and the site on their own terms. It also allows us the ability to more easily guide members through the process of coming to Christ and through their on-going spiritual journey.

Exciting Stories:
June has been a great month for ministry here at TruthMedia. We had over 1600 people who indicated to us that they made spiritual decisions either as commitments to Christ or as rededications. We also estimate that through the websites, over 110,000 people were exposed to the gospel and over 76,000 were built up in their faith. There were over 10,000 email mentoring interactions, and the following are some of the emails that our team had the privilege of responding to:

I have accepted Jesus as the Son of God and want Him in my life, but I’m having a hard time embracing it fully. After reading some stories on this site I have realized that I need to start going to Church and reading the Bible. Thank you for your prayers.

I am at my lowest. I just feel that nothing is going right in my life. I know that God does love me and will never give up on me but with everything that is happening I feel helpless.
COUNTRY: South Africa

Please help, I cannot forgive my past. I was baptized in 2006 and now I having doubts and pain. In my past, I experienced abuse and had an abortion. I want the Lord to forgive me for all my sins. Lord, please help me.
COUNTRY: Switzerland

Prayer Requests:
As you may know, we are preparing to go to the Campus Crusade Canada Staff Conference which is a mandatory conference for me to attend every year. This year Carolanne, Benjamin and I are going as a family, which is probably going to keep life interesting as we have never gone on a long trip like this with him before. In light of that, we have a couple of prayer requests:

  • Please pray that the Lord would keep us safe as we drive there and back.
  • Please pray that Benjamin would travel well.
  • Please pray for funds for the trip, as we have not really done much support raising for it, and the total cost of the trip will probably be about $2000
  • Please pray that it would be a refreshing and encouraging time for all of us as it is intended to be.
  • And finally, pray that we would gain a renewed vision and passion for the ministry as we hear about all that the Lord is doing through Crusade in the many different fields of ministry.

Well, that’s about it for now. We trust that you will have a great month and enjoy all the sunshine that we’ve been getting.

All the best,

James, Carolanne and Ben Warkentin