Fun Internet Things

Once in a while, I find fun and cool stuff on the Internet that I enjoy sharing with others. While, I’m not a big proponent of email forwarding spam, posting fun things like these on a blog is quite acceptable.

A “Psycological” Optical Illusion
Check out the link below. It’s very cool. I’d love to know what you saw. Feel free to comment below.

Microsoft Gmail
As some of you may know, I’m not a big fan of Microsoft stuff. Maybe it’s because they’re such a monopoly… maybe it’s just the principle of the thing… in any case, I found this blog post to be quite humorous.

2 thoughts on “Fun Internet Things

  1. Oh my, that IS quite funny about microsoft. And as for the picture, I saw two couples visiting mennonite style while their boys hung out together. And yes I saw a window in the background with a tree outside. If the were outdoors, then what would the corner that looks like wood be???

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