New Email Newsletter Manager

Dear Friends and Supporters,

In case you were wondering, we have recently upgraded to using a new system for managing our email newsletters. This system is called FeedBlitz and should be much more reliable than what we were using in the past for sending out our newsletter. It should also give you full control over your subscription preferences so if you need to change your email address or do not wish to receive these emails any more, it will allow you to do that.

Another cool feature it has is the ability to send to more than just email. You could also choose to subscribe via Skype, AOL Instant Messenger or Twitter. We also have an RSS feed which will allow you to keep track of our blog via RSS. You can view it at:

If you have no idea about what I just said in the paragraph above don’t be concerned, you will continue to receive our newsletter via email as you previously requested.

Unfortunately, until I purchase a paid Feedblitz account, the system will add a small advertisement to the bottom of each newsletter I send out. These have not been added by me, and hopefully one of these days I’ll be getting rid of them.

I hope you have a great day, and a wonder-filled Christmas,

James Warkentin