Benjamin is growing up


Benjamin has been figuring out a lot of new things lately. He’s figured out how to sit up on his own. We put pillows around him in case he falls over and give him some toys and he has a blast playing on the floor.

He’s also figured out that one of his toys, that we have attached to his swing, can be pulled down a bit. This toy has joints that make it bendable. When he pulls on the rail he can play with much more then he has been able to in the past.


He has also figure out how to roll from his stomach onto his back. He has not rolled from his back to stomach, but we don’t think he’s very motivated, because he does not like being on his stomach.

Benjamin now weighs 18lbs 4oz. and is 27 inches long. He was 7 months old on Saturday.

He’s been doing so much better with his naps. He’s not just been having his 5/10 minute power naps, but has been sleeping for at least a 1/2 hour at a time. This has been a huge blessing for me.

He’s started rice cereal and other baby food, like fruits and other jars of baby food. He really does not like beans. He’s quite good with eating, but can get so easily distracted.