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Sick days with Benjamin

Well, I feel like I did after Benjamin was born...tired, very tired. I'm making sure that he is actually going to stay asleep before I head back downstairs to curl up in bed and get some sleep. Wednesday morning I woke up and things seemed fine, I went to Contacts at Central Heights Church, but instead of going to class I ended up helped out in the nursery, because they were short workers. At this time I still did not know anything was different with Benjamin then normal. After we were back home we realized that Benjamin was sick. That night I hardly got an ounce of sleep. I was taking care of Benjamin. He would fall asleep on me, but woke up coughing every time shortly after I would put him down. James had to go to work Thursday so I tried to let him get as much sleep as he could, but he did not get that much either. We brought Benjamin into our room and thought we could have him beside us in his bouncy chair, because it's more on a slant then his bed and that way we would not have to go running upstairs every time. That did not work very well. After that, James and I took turns caring for Benjamin while the other slept a bit, but it was not too long. I ended up holding Benjamin on me and slowly moved down to a position that I could close my eyes with out much fear of dropping Benjamin. It helped me get a bit more sleep then I would have got otherwise, but I still had a hard time falling asleep. Well, James went to work Thursday and I was here with Benjamin surviving on such little sleep that I was having a hard time staying awake. Benjamin made sure that I did not fall asleep though. I was able to get a bit of sleep here and there. Shortly before James had to get up and go to work he was able to get him to sleep and placed him on the bed next to me and there Benjamin and I slept for about 45 minutes. James just got up and started getting ready for work and let Benjamin and I sleep. He was so good at being quite as to not to wake up Benjamin. So, that day was very long and tiring, but when James got home from work he took care of Benjamin while I slept and then we just ordered in so that I could sleep more.
He was able to switch his, work from home day, to Friday and so was able to help me out with Benjamin. Late Thursday night he finally broke his fever and his temperature started coming down. Now he's not so hot and cranky, but is still coughing a lot and his nose never stops running. He has not been throwing up today, which is really nice. Benjamin's temperature went up to 102.2 at one point and then it fluctuated a bit a little lower then that and now he's down under100 again. His head is not burning up anymore and it seems like he's getting much better. The Lord has definitely been answering our prayers.
I do hope none of the children that were at th nursery on Wednesday get this flu that Benjamin got. It's not very pleasant, but flues are never pleasant.
It's now Sunday and I still have not posted this entry on our blog so now I will.

Published Sun, Feb 10, 2008 in: baby stuff
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