5 thoughts on “tnsspciriee

  1. I’m impressed. Even the word descrambler can’t figure that one out. Or did you put one ‘s’ too many in there?

  2. Ok, I know I donated the candy myself… but if I win it back it is a guilt-free treat, right? I have been trying some guesses through skype and I think I am as close as I am going to get so I am submitting my official guess:

    (this is a definition guess as James unscrambled the word and asked for the definition instead)

    Resipiscent – To return to knowing/remembering, back to the state of being aware of something/sensing something.

  3. Well, after a while the same word just gets kinda boring, so I’ve canceled this one.

    The meaning was:
    resipiscent (re-si-PIS-uhnt) adjective

    Having returned to a saner mind.

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