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Benjamin is now 1 year old

Well today our little baby boy turned 1. I still have a hard time when I think that James and I have been parents for a whole year. I can still remember giving birth to him and bringing him home from the hospital.

We celebrated Benjamin's first birthday as a family today. Seeing as it was so beautiful out today we decided to go to Sardis Lake for a picnic and a walk around the park. We saw so many goslings. Some that were at the small and cute stage and some a little older. Benjamin liked looking at them. It was Benjamin's first time on the swings today and he enjoyed it.

After that we went to Mcdonalds for some ice cream. Yes, you guessed it, Benjamin had his first taste of ice cream too. It was a "penny ice cream" they give them out for free to babies. We did not know that till we got to the window to pay and the lady saw Benjamin and told us about it. It was really cute, it's so small.  We took the ice cream home and put Benjamin into his seat and then gave him his ice cream. He really liked it and would have gladly eaten more if there was some. What a surprise...not. I'm sure that all children like ice cream, but who knows there may be a child out there who does not.

After he finished his ice cream we got him ready for bed and then we gave him his birthday present from us. Of coarse he loved the paper, but he also really wanted to grab the toys that were still attached to the box that I was trying to undo. He did not care as much once I got them off and gave them to him. Why do they have to attach the toys to the box they come in so much, that it takes longer to take their gift out of the box, then it took to buy and wrap there gift in the first place?

We took some pictures and video today as well, but I know if I wait for them this post will not be posted for a while so I am going to post this and the pictures will come latter.

Published Thu, May 15, 2008 in: information
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