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Online Ministry in the 10x40 Window

10 x 40 window

Thank you very much to all of you who have continued to pray for Carolanne and I during this time. I realize that we haven't written any updates lately, mainly due to being extremely busy both at work and at home. However, we are doing well both personally and in the ministry.

I recently received an update from our Director which I found to be VERY encouraging and wanted to share with you as well. Click here to view the PDF document.

This document describes the number of visitors we see on a regular basis coming from countries listed in the 10x40 window. In particular, you will see that we receive quite a few visitors on the websites from closed countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and the U.A.E. These numbers represent real people who are coming of their own accord to our highly evangelistic websites and being presented with the message of the gospel. THAT is very cool!

There are times when I feel very removed from the "action on the front lines". From a very practical perspective, my job essentially involves sitting at a computer and typing computer code. However, when I see information like this, and realize that I played a part in allowing it to happen, I realize that I AM on the front-lines every day, working in places as remote as China and Morocco.

I also want to thank you for the very important part you play in helping to support us in this ministry. Your partnership in prayer and financial support allows us to be able to continue in this exciting ministry opportunity. Thank You!

Download the document for a more detailed look at the number of people we are reaching every month inside the 10x40 window.

Document: Click here to download.

* World map photo credit: Wikipedia

Published Thu, Jun 19, 2008 in: newsletters
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