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Cute Furry Little Things

Our furry little friend.

We had a guest in our house last night. Somehow, this furry little critter managed to find his way into our bedroom.  Our first clue was when Carolanne saw something scoot under the door to the bathroom.  Finding mouse droppings around the room confirmed what we suspected: that we had a visitor from the back yard.  Shortly after that Carolanne saw him again, this time running into the bedroom closet.

Fortunately, we had a trap which we promptly set IN the closet, and shortly thereafter heard the sounds of a trapped mouse.  (we have a very humane trap which simply lets the mouse into a box, and locks the door behind)

Funny thing is, the next morning all the furniture in our room jumped up onto the bed.  Not sure what that's all about.

Anyway, we now have a mouse for sale.  If you would like to buy a pet for your friend or loved one, come talk to us.

Published Wed, Jun 25, 2008 in: personal life
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