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He used a straw!

Today turned sour fast. Benjamin woke up just as usual, happy and wanting to sit and cuddle for a while. James was nice and let me sleep in for a while. We try to take turns letting each other sleep each weekend. After we got him changed and fed and ready for church and while I went to go and get ready and Benjamin was walking around the living room daddy let Rusty in and he bolted between Benjamin and the wall and sent Benjamin down to the floor. It did not sound good at all from where I was and by the screaming and I could tell it was not good. Benjamin's cheek was all swollen and bruised.

After we dealt with that incident we decided that we would go to Tim Hortons and have our breakfast away from the house. That was quite fun and Benjamin got to drink some chocolate milk out of my straw. He did really good. He's never done this before and he drank from the straw like he had done it many of times before. It was really cute.  It was nice to be able to relax.

We then stopped off at the craft fair that I have some of my cards at to see how that was going and then off to church. Things were looking much better and continued going that way. Latter we drove down to the dike where we walked a little way then James went fishing and Benjamin and I continued on a walk and then came back to where James was and picked up daddy and  then headed back home. Latter in the evening Benjamin decided to have a little tantrum and smacked himself with his sippy cup. Self inflicted injury. I guess he thought seeing as that he started with an injury he should finish the day with another injury.

Published Sun, Nov 16, 2008 in: information
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