More teeth!!

You read that correctly Benjamin has more teeth coming in. His upper moller on the right side is almost completely in. I realized this while tickling him on the couch this morning. I read that these don’t start coming in till around 20 months. I guess this would be why he’s had all those moist shirts recently.

Look at that little grin. He’s so cute! Yes, I’m a little bias, but just look at him…I know his daddy would agree.

He’s learning so many new things. He’s a little talker. He can say the sounds that a cow, sheep, snake, lion and tiger make. He points out “froggies” and says his version of froggie. He has not mastered the “F” sound yet. He also says Pa Pa for Grandpa and Bapi for Grampy. He can say doggy, kitty,car, pretty (which is all the Christmas lights that we see around) he also says ma ma and da da and daddy!

He’s so much fun to watch. We get such a chuckle at just watching new things he does and discovers. We found out he loves drinking V8 juice from a straw. It’s one way to make sure he gets vegetables into his little tummy.

We put up our Christmas tree yesterday and Benjamin was very intrigued by it. He’s been very good around it so far. There are 2 ornaments that he’s allowed to play with.

2 thoughts on “More teeth!!

  1. the teeth are a warkentin trait. Jesse had a mouth full of teeth very early on in his life. The comment from another missionary was “who’s the kid with all the teeth.” the smile looks a lot like Jesse at that age. 🙂 Soooo cute!

  2. Wow does he ever have a full mouth of teeth there! And his smile reminds me of his Uncle Bernie. I think it’s the wide eyes maybe too. His facial expression just looks so mischievous and goofy.

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