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Christmas Update

We previously sent out this letter by paper mail, but thought it might be helpful to send to our email newsletter list as well.  We apologize if you have received two copies.  If you wish, you may download and read the PDF version. (the same as we sent out by snail mail).

Dear Friends and Church Family,

This last year has been an amazing journey through both joyful and difficult times in the ministry here with TruthMedia and Power to Change. We consider it an honour to be continually used of the Lord, serving Him as missionaries on the Internet. This year has been filled with so many stories of what God is doing in peoples lives around the world through the work of our team. People contact us regularly with emails like this one pleading for the help, hope and love that only Christ can give.

"I'm a high school student. I felt guilty constantly from cheating or hurting others with knowing that I can't make it up. I worry about my selfishness and my friends' problem as well. I felt useless after efforts of doing good things. Thank you so much for your insight articles. They helped me tremendously. Now I found my life purpose after reading articles. Please pray form so I can help my friends to find the eternal life. Amen."
We are honoured to have the opportunity to reach out to these people with the love of Jesus. To find out more about what we do or read more of these emails feel free to visit our blog at:

With this year drawing to a close we wanted to send out a letter to let you know where we are in our support level and how you can help. As you may already know, working as missionaries requires that we raise all of our salary in the form of regular financial donations from believers who are willing to stand with us and participate in this ministry. Basically, we're looking for people who want to help others know Christ.

One way to do that is by financially supporting people like us who work fulltime on the "front lines" of ministry. The work we do reaches thousands of people each month in over 100 countries around the world. We regularly see over 1500 people accept Christ or rededicate their lives every month. We also estimate that we help to build over 80,000 people in their faith every month. By God's grace, this ministry is having amazing results, and we feel privileged to be a part of it.

Currently we are at 30% of what we need to raise in monthly donations. This means that Power to Change has stated we need to raise a certain amount per month in order to be fully supported but so far we have only raised 30% of that amount.

We also have a couple things that we need one time donations for including a new laptop computer for James. His current laptop is starting to break down and is at the end of it's warranty. We would like to be proactive and replace the computer before it fails completely. In addition to that we need to raise money in one time donations for our Staff Conference that takes place each year. It is usually held at the beginning of August and is an amazing time of refreshing and renewal for the staff.

For those of you who already do support us, we appreciate your support so much. You don't have to feel obligated to give more. We don't want those of you that do support us to feel any pressure from us to give more then you already do unless you feel like God is prompting you to. We thought that you would still appreciate getting this to let you know where we are at.

Thank you very much for your prayer and consideration of us in this ministry.

Wishing you all the best in Christ,

James, Carolanne and Benjamin Warkentin

Published Thu, Dec 4, 2008 in: newsletters
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