Laptop Fundraising Update

As you may have read in our previous newsletters, we have been attempting to raise additional funds to help pay for a new laptop for me (James) to use at work.  I am very excited to announce that we have already been able to raise a significant portion of the cost.  In fact, at this point we only have to  raise approximately $425 more.

We are praising the Lord for His provision and also want to thank all of you who have donated to help us in this.  Your support has been VERY encouraging to both Carolanne and myself.  We’re trusting that God will provide the remaining funds soon, but this has already been a GREAT start.

Some of you have been asking us why we have to raise funds for something so essential to my ministry here.  Why doesn’t Power to Change or TruthMedia just buy me a new laptop so I can continue working?  I would like to provide a short explanation.

As a commissioned missionary here at Power to Change I am asked to raise all the funds necessary for me to work here as financial donations from those who support me in this ministry.  The goal is for me to be able to do the ministry without putting any financial drain on the organization as a whole.  As such, any tools I need for the ministry should also be paid for from the funds I have raised.

We need both regular long-term monthly supporters as well as people who are willing to make larger (and smaller) one-time donations.  The funds from the long-term monthly supporters are able to be put directly toward ongoing expenses such as my salary.  One-time donations on the other hand can be put toward one-time type expenses such as laptops and our yearly staff conference.

I trust this all makes sense.  Thank you again for your generousity.

All the best in Christ,

James Warkentin