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Benjamin's full mouth

Benjamin now has a complete full set of baby teeth, including all his 4 molars. The 2 back molars on his left side are not fully in yet, but they have made their appearance through the gums. I can't believe he already has a full set of teeth. That would explain the cranky times. I guess we won't have to deal with any them coming in when he's 2. We just have to deal with a little more of him being cranky as those last ones make there way through the rest of the way.

It snowed this last Monday and so I took Benjamin out is the snow! It was the first time he has been able to walk around in that white stuff that is all over the ground. Daddy came home early, because of all the blizzard conditions, and continued working at home. It's a good thing he did, because they ended up closing the freeway. Benjamin had lots of fun outside in the snow and stayed nice and toasty warm. He was not too pleased though when we had to go in, because mommy was really cold.

We are looking forward to this Christmas with Benjamin. It's already lots of fun seeing how he loves all the lights and now the snow. Just wait till he gets to play with his Christmas wrapping paper! I mean Christmas gift.  Benjamin actually saw his gift early and really wanted it, but it's not the same if he would get it that early so I put it into hiding. He got him a little couch that folds out into a bed. It's neat, it even has a built in sleeping bag.

Benjamin loves working on daddy's laptop computer. It's not the same to just type on a keyboard he needs to have some kind of screen to see what he is typing. Our little guy is growing up. He's now 19 months old as of the 15th.

Published Fri, Dec 19, 2008 in: baby stuff information
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