Our 5 year Anniversary

Well December 27, 2008 marked our 5 year anniversary. We had plans to go away and enjoy 2 night just James and myself, but due to the amount of snow we got this year and not being able to find boarding for Rusty while we would be away we had to reschedule our anniversary plans to a future date. We ended up renting a movie and ordering in.

It’s been 5 years. I’ve enjoyed being married. I still remember falling for James…it hurt and I have the picture to prove it…and getting engaged and getting married. It does not seem like 5 years has already gone by. Marriage does take work. We have had arguments and disagreements, but we have worked through them. We put our trust in God  and He has held been the glue that has held us together these past 5 years. God has helped us work through those disagreements that we have had and has helped us to look past the flaws that each one of us have. We both still love being married to each other and learning more about each other as we continue our lives, and look forward to many more wonderful years together.

We also have a wonderful little boy that God has blessed us with and who we love so much. He adds so much joy and laughter to our household. This Christmas it was so much fun to watch him with opening gifts and looking at the lights and playing with his little nativity set. He loves pressing the button on the top of the stable which produces music when pushed and putting all the different characters on top of the stable. He’s had so much fun looking at all the “pretties” (lights) and did really well with our Christmas tree.

We went and stayed at my parents place overnight on Dec. 23rd so we would be able to attend the Christmas events planned instead of being stuck in Chilliwack due to the snow. It was a good thing, because we woke up to a pile of snow. I had lots of fun snow shoveling. I was out there for a couple hours. Benjamin came out for a little while to play in the snow then went back in to play inside.

Benjamin can now put words together. Today he said “Thank You Mommy” It was really cute to hear him putting words together. He can also say “Love You”.

Benjamin is lots of fun and we love watching the new things that he does, like helping mommy with the laundry and wanting to go see the “bubboes” (bubbles). We also love seeing him interact with Rusty.

James is still on holidays and of course we all got sick. At least it’s not with the flu. We are getting over it though so at least all of James’ holidays won’t be with us all sick.

3 thoughts on “Our 5 year Anniversary

  1. I would love to hear Ben’s little sentences. I think that was the funest time of watching my brother grow-up. His sentences were always so fun to hear when he first was putting words together. Do you remember Johnny’s first sentences Carolanne? Ben’s must be a lot better though, because he’s part of you, so that must be even cuter!

    Happy 5th Anniversary!!!
    See you soon for lunch or supper sometime.

  2. A great post! Happy Anniversary! How sweet to hear thank you mommy! He is so precious. Kiera now says Ben when she sees his picture on the fridge. I have the same picture of the kids helping me load what looks like the exact same washer. By the way, Hannah absolutley loves her doll house!! Thanks again for finding it for us. We have it completely furnished now.

  3. Happy anniversary!!! 5 years sure does fly by doesnt it! hopefully you will still get a chance to go away together.
    Wow Ben sure is a smart little guy already putting sentences together, thats pretty good. Im happy with the mama and the da we get from nathan hahah well he does say more but not sentences yet. he is going to be one of those men of few words but super observant.
    we should all get together for dinner again sometime.
    great blog post!

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