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Ben pees on the potty!

Well I guess our little boy really is growing up. He's now 21 months old and now he not only sits on the potty but will actually pee in it too. Before it was just copying what mommy and daddy were doing, but now he seems to have figured out that he's actually suppose to do more then just use it as a chair. Well, hopefully he will continue to be fond of using the potty.

He got chocolate chips and a hotwheel car as a big treat for going pee on the potty. The nice thing is he liked the chocolate chips more then the hotwheel car. Which is good, because it is way less expensive to use as an incentive.

We are both really proud of Benjamin for starting to use the potty properly. We are praying that he catches on fast.

Tonight Grandpa and Grandma were coming over to babysit Benjamin, but actually ended up taking him back to their house for a sleep over. Too bad James has to go into work tomorrow or we both would be able to sleep in tomorrow. Oh, well, I know I am going to enjoy sleeping in.

Published Wed, Feb 25, 2009 in: baby stuff
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