Big Money

This blog post was sparked by a conversation at the lunch table today about money.  The question to answer is… what would you do if you suddenly had twenty million dollars?  Would you spend it all?  Would you save it all?  Would you buy everyone presents?  Would you fully-support your friendly neighbourhood missionary?  😀

For myself, I think I would do the following…

  1. $2 million would automatically be tithed and split between the church and my favorite missionaries.  😀
  2. $10 million would be put in a bank account with reasonable interest.  $10 million at 3% interest should yield about $300,000 / year.  Assuming the government takes half (being that it is interest) I would be left with $150,000 as a net yearly salary (give or take a few thousand).
  3. $2 million would be used to buy a family sized house in a nice neighbourhood, probably in Abbotsford or near Langley.  I would probably also buy a second car to allow Carolanne the freedom to get out when I’m at work.
  4. The remaining $6 million would probably be used to support my favourite charities/missionaries/family members/friends.  I might also buy a boat.  😀
  5. This would allow me to work full-time in ministry at Power to Change, doing something I absolutely love to do, never having to worry about money again.

So, that being said, what would YOU do with twenty million dollars?

One thought on “Big Money

  1. Hmmmm… the more pressing problem, I think, is how to wisely use the money I do have. How will I spend what God has entrusted to me in a manner that honours Him and honours my family. Just a thot! 🙂

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