This Next Century

I read an interesting article recently about the potential global climate changes which are coming to the world. The line that caught my eye was as follows:

If the planet warms by 4 °C, which could happen this century, the world will be unlike anything humans have ever known. Rising sea levels and expanding deserts will lead to massive population shifts. A radical new world order may be our only hope…
(From the email excerpt I received linking to this article.)

Interesting stuff!  I can only hope that the “new world order” will be Christ’s imminent return.  In the mean time, I guess I’ll try to “be more green”.

Read the whole article here.

* photo taken from NewScientist

2 thoughts on “This Next Century

  1. I can only roll my eyes at their “solution”. The “new world order” seems to be their universal solution to any kind of major problem. The problem is that this [long-time planned] new world order actually refers to a global political, financial and religious system – eventually becoming a global dictatorship with a charismatic leader (antichrist). Thank God it won’t last very long, but there will be persecution. Free speech will definitely be a thing of the past.

    Besides that, the whole scare about climate change is largely unfounded. The planet used to be warmer in the past (middle ages) and it didn’t cause any significant problems. The whole idea of CO2 causing global warming or being bad for the environment is also known to be fallacious. I wouldn’t trust NewScientist unless it actually talked about real science. Just some thoughts for you…

  2. I should add that once we are living under the global NWO system we have a better idea as to the timing of certain end-time events, including Christ’s return.
    The politics of environmentalism is used to bring the general public into submission, not to save the environment. There is a lot of hypocrisy. Usually big corporations are the greatest culprits regarding environmental destruction, but they get free passes, because of political connections and pay-offs. There is far more wrong with the world than we are told in the regular news…..yet my faith and my hope in God is not shaken.

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