Encouraging Thoughts on Evangelism

I was realizing that I had not written anything for a while, so I thought I would take this opportunity to send you a little encouragement.  This morning, we had a TruthMedia monthly strategy meeting to discuss our direction as a team and encourage each other through hearing stories and updates on what the various areas of the team are doing.  As part of this meeting, we had Leonard Buhler come and encourage us in the ministry and help to cast some vision for the whole organization.

We can bring the gospel in a relevant way, but we can never make the gospel relevant.  It implies the wrong thing.
[… and …]
If it’s not about bringing the gospel to people, then it’s not what P2C is about. -from memory of what Leonard said.

That thought really struck me as being true and encouraging as I work at a computer every day doing things that don’t always feel like “evangelism”.  However, I know that as a team, TruthMedia is ALL ABOUT bringing the gospel to people in a relevant way and the work I do plays a critical part in allowing that ministry to happen.

Scripture talks in John 15 about how true disciples will bear much fruit.  I find that to be very encouraging because we see people coming to know Christ and growing in their faith (fruit) every day through this ministry.  There are always stories of people coming to know Christ, or opportunities we have to share with people in closed countries, or people being encouraged during times of depression and even times when we have opportunity to help prevent suicide.

Even during this meeting one of the people on our team spoke of how he had an opportunity to share the gospel with a Muslim man who came to us.  We don’t know what if anything will come of it yet, but we can pray that this person would be touched by God’s love and would begin walking down the path that leads to Christ.

One of our online mentors was also recently able to respond to this message which we received off one of our sites:

Dear father, I am a Bangladeshi Muslim. Now working in Dubai. I want change my life to the Christianity. Because, I like Christianity. I want proselyte to the Christianity. This is my dream and thing. So, if you can help me, I will proselyte to the Christianity. How can I proselyte from Dubai? Please tell me. (Bangladesh)

That’s very cool!  I’m helping people come to know Christ in Dubai!  🙂  And when you help to support and pray for us, so are you!  Thank you for your ongoing prayer and support of us in this ministry.  Thank you for your part in helping a Bangladeshi Muslim have the opportunity of coming to know Christ.

Have a great day,

James Warkentin