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James' Birthday at Cultus Lake

img_8810There was alot happening for James' 30th birthday this week from the birthday party at Montana's that James planned to Sunday evening when our family spent our time at Cultus Lake.

On Saturday I had planned a surprise birthday party for him which actually managed to stay a surprise. My brother John and his fiance Katie and my parents were the first ones to arrive and when James answered the door he said "so you here for my surprise party" and they said "yes" and James was not sure how to respond, because he was just joking. Then he asked who else was all coming. It was a good turn out. There were more people that I could have invited, but I had no way to contact them without James knowing. It was a good time though.

img_8818On Sunday we went to Central Heights and then went to James' parents place for another Birthday. This time it was a lunch. After we left there we came back home and then decided to pack some food and head off to Culus Lake were James caught a fish right away when he was not even trying. It shocked him so much that he just let it go. He was planning on keeping what he caught as long as it was big enough. He got a couple more close calls, but they all managed to get off the line before he got it realed in. He really enjoyed it though and was thrilled he caught a fish on his Birthday! Benjamin had fun too. He played with the rocks and wondered around in the woods and even watched daddy a bit. I took some pictures while we were there and walked around with Benjamin.

I am glad that the week is over though, because it has been quite busy for me.

Published Tue, Jun 2, 2009 in: personal life
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